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Vietnamese Canadian Business Association

VCB Association (The Vietnamese Canadian Business Association) is a member-driven, non-profit organization that provides an extensive networking platform for its members with business interests in Canada and Vietnam. The VCB is a dynamic and influential Association, open to businesses and individuals with economic and/or personal ties to Canada and Vietnam. The Association works to foster greater bilateral opportunities and connection between Canada and Vietnam. We do this by supporting the success of a strong international membership community whose shared interests drive the Canada-Vietnam dialogue, while also expanding awareness of bilateral opportunities to the Canadian and Vietnamese businesses that stand to benefit.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the preeminent business organization for networking and policy representation for the Vietnamese/Canadian business communities in Canada. Meaningfully contribute to the Canada-Vietnam business dialogue by raising awareness of bilateral opportunities, connecting stakeholders, facilitating members' success, and fostering a strong, diverse, and successful membership community.

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To present the business communities and Vietnamese Canadian commercial interests in both countries, and to promote trade and investment between Canada and Vietnam.

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Bringing people together is incredibly important and bringing the right people together can lead to great things. For us, creating connections isn't just about clients, B2B, and networking. It is about making the meaningful, valuable connections that can instigate positive change. Bringing people together is a significant part of what we do - and we are proud to do it.
We are dedicated to fostering a safe, informed, and diverse environment in which our members and stakeholders can thrive. Our community is not limited to just those around us in Canada and Vietnam. As Canada and Vietnam have grown closer together so too has our community grown to engage and include more members from other countries. Our community makes us stronger and welcome anyone eager to join.
Opportunity is everywhere and that it should be accessible to anyone - and we can help people seize it. For us, opportunity is about more than business, it is also about growth, sustainability, and giving back. The more aligned those all are, the greater the opportunity is. Creating and building meaningful opportunities for our members means success for us, success that we look to share.
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Richmond Office

2051 No6 Road, Richmond, BC, V6V 1P3

Binh Duong Office

B-B4-CN DE5 street, My Phuoc 3 industrial zone, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong , Vietnam.

Nha Trang Office

Maple Hotel & Apartment
16 Ton Dan Street, Nha Trang